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As a teacher for twenty-five years, I have found my strength stems from building great working relationships with children, youth and adults. I am following this passion in my new role as a counsellor. My goal is to help people who are struggling with anxiety and other issues in their day-to-day lives, providing support so that they can explore new opportunities and outlooks.

I have been an island girl all of my life, and feel grateful that I grew up, learned and played in such a beautiful setting. Parksville has been home for over 18 years, and the area has been a resource for myself, my family and for anyone I can share it with. 

My approach to life and the work that I do is based on the belief that every one of us has the potential for new growth: like new vines there are many possibilities and directions for this growth. My heart and my mind will tend to the vine that is in you, so that you can reach towards the sunlight.

Norberta is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Somatic Experiencing graduate who has joined the team at Stephanie Peter Counselling. To book a counselling session with her, you can call 250-240-2009 or email

Her areas of specialized experience and training include:

  • Healing from traumatic events
  • Building capacity and resilience
  • Recovering from grief and loss
  • Nurturing healthy relationships
  • Mediating and resolving conflict¬†
  • Growing self-esteem and confidence
  • Navigating transitions in career and life.