Another hot summer day, when the most appealing thing to do is read a book under the shade of the apple trees, or take a walk in the cool wind at the beach. But how many of us are heeding our instinctual call to relax? Is it possible for you to reduce your workload when you feel the need to unwind, or do you keep going no matter how you feel – fuelled by adrenaline and caffeine? Do holidays give you a deep sense of peace, or do they involve to-do lists and unpredictable stressors?

We live in a busy culture that values productivity and accomplishment. The baby boomers, known as “the workaholic generation,” are particularly affected. Symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, pain in the neck or back, irritable bowel and insomnia have become common, and point to stress overload. We look for ways to manage or reduce our stress, but many of us have actually forgotten what it feels like to be relaxed. It makes sense, then, to get back in touch with that awareness, to deeply relax our bodies and minds first, and then explore strategies that will help us to stay in that zone.

A simple exercise can bring us back to relaxation.

Listen to an exercise here by clicking on this link – Relaxation Exercise

How do you feel now?

If you are interested in spending more time connecting to the sensations of relaxation in your body, there are a number of different tools and techniques that I’ll be sharing in my Soothe Your Stress workshop. Give me a call at 250-937-1223/ 250-616-0502 to learn more.



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