One hour sessions are available for $100.00 (including GST).

Counselling may be funded through your extended health plan, employee assistance program, First Nations health benefit or another insurance provider. It is important to check your specific plan as coverage varies.

You can pay by cash, cheque, credit card, email transfer or PayPal. Stephanie is registered to provide counselling through the BC Crime Victim Assistance program, First Nations Health Authority, ICBC, Green Shield Canada and Great West Life.

Please call 250-937-1223 for more information, or click here.





Calming the Storm

Coming September 2017: an online, self-paced workshop to help ease the symptoms of anxiety. We'll cover a wide range of topics, from unconventional quick fixes to deep changes in how we interact with the world. The program explores anxiety from a whole-body perspective, and sums up what I've learned about anxiety over many years. If you'd like support and strategies that really work for you, check out Calming the Storm - Coming Soon.




 Turning the Tide (formerly Beating the Blues) 

Starting October 2 2017: a 10-week online support group for people living with depression. Taking a whole body approach, we will explore fresh ways to ease your symptoms, allowing you to discover the tools that work best for you. At the same time, you'll be able to connect and share with others who really understand. If you'd like support in moving forward, check out Turning the Tide 

"The program is a gem - everyone who goes through depression needs to do a group like this."

"It's a good way to help oneself - we are not alone although we sometimes feel we are."

"This is the best group I have ever been a part of - the first dedicated group for depression."




          Riding the Tide         

Beginning December 2017. Ongoing support for graduates of Turning the Tide or Beating the Blues. To register, contact Stephanie at 250-937-1223 or here.  


Introduction: Why Do We Develop Anxiety and Depression?

(Animations by Naomi Peter-Simons)